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Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Social Groups

Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Social Groups

Many cities, states and countries all over the world have herpes SOCIAL groups and herpes SUPPORT groups for people with genital herpes. Herpes support groups are sometimes named “HELP” support groups, and are occasionally affiliated with ASHA, the American Social Health Association.  Herpes social  groups often use the terms “friends” as in “Bay Area Friends” or “H2O” as in “DC H2O” or “H Club” as in “Atlanta H Club.”   Many cities have just one herpes group that functions as both a herpes support group and herpes social group.   “Moderated” herpes groups are the norm and are usually pretty good about protecting members’ privacy and keeping out spammers.  “Unmoderated”:groups almost always have lots of spam and other problems – but may still provide help to some.   There are also many “secret” Facebook groups that have hundreds or even thousands of members – but you usually need to join your local herpes group and meet people in person to get more info.

Note: Many thanks to Barbie from Austin and several others for helping put this list together and verifying links. If your herpes social or support group is not yet listed here, please email us and give us your group’s info and we will add it next time the site is updated.  We also greatly appreciate reciprocal links back to on your own group’s website, but such links are NOT a requirement to be listed here.  Please support us if you can by linking to and/or recommending us to others.  Let’s keep the H community  strong and well-networked



National Herpes Hotline: 919-361-8488 or 800-227-8922

*Secret* Facebook National HELP Support Group – for herpes-related topics only. This group has thousands of members and is moderated by experienced H Support Leaders from all over the USA.  Because this group is *secret* – all group activity is private and will NEVER appear on your public Facebook profile and cannot be found or seen by anyone except other members.  To join the secret Facebook National HELP support group, log in to Facebook first, and then find JoAnn Purkey of Kaiserslautern, Germany  or  (she OK’d this link). NOTE: If you are NOT already logged in to Facebook, this link will NOT work.  So log in first, then click on the link. Then send her a “friend request” and make sure to also send her a *private message* (don’t post on her wall) saying that you “have herpes and want to join the secret NATIONAL HELP group on Facebook.” She’ll make you a member.  After that, you can un-friend her if you want.

Picking Up The Pieces Yahoo Group – A Moderated Yahoo Group for Herpes, HPV and STD Support.  Note: The National HELP Secret Facebook Group support group seems to have overtaken this site in popularity.

Black People with Herpes Yahoo Group

People of Color Social Networking (POCSN) Yahoo Group – Includes directions for how to join the POCSN Secret Facebook Group.

Other Secret Facebook Groups for Herpes and/or HPV –  There are numerous local and national *Secret* Facebook groups for people with Herpes and/or HPV.  One of the largest is called “SWIRLS” – but there are many others.  For the privacy of their members, these groups are hidden, private and require knowing someone who is already a member in the group who can vouch for your “H status” and invite you to join.  It’s best to first join your local/regional herpes/hpv social group and make a few new friends in person, and see who might be in a Facebook group.  Please note that when you belong to a *Secret Facebook Group* – that none of your other non-H friends can see that you belong, and none of the posts or updates from *secret* groups will ever appear on your Facebook profile.  Always exercise caution when posting private information about yourself and other people on the internet.


Alabama H Club

Alabama Herpes Support Group on Yahoo


Meet Alaskans with HSV2 Meetup Group


AZ Singles With Herpes Yahoo Group

Phoenix H Friends Yahoo Group

Tucson H Friends Yahoo Group

Prescott Herpes Support Group – email hsgprescott (at) gmail dot com


Little Rock H Friends


Bay Area Friends (BAF) Meetup Group – San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Yahoo Group – BAF is phasing out their Yahoo group in favor of the BAF Meetup Group above.

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Public Website – San Francisco Bay Area – Information site only.

SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes Yahoo Group – San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes – San Francisco Bay Area

San Diego H Friends on Meetup – San Diego group, over 400 members

San Diego Friends Yahoo Group  – San Diego

San Diego HELP Support Group – San Diego

San Diego Meetup Group – 30 & Under – San Diego

LA HELP Support Group – Los Angeles

LA HELP Meetup Group

Orange County HELP Support Group – Orange County

Orange County Friends Yahoo Group

Southern California Friends Yahoo Group  – All Southern California

Socials All Over Southern CA Meetup Group – All Southern California

Central Cali H Friends – Stockton-Fresno-Bakersfield

Sac Friends Yahoo Group – Sacramento

Southern California Secret Facebook Group – for SoCal residents only.  Please join any local SoCal Group for more info

NorCalFriends Secret Facebook Group – especially for people who live North of the San Francisco Bay Area (i.e. Redding, Chico, Mendocino, Eureka. Susanville, Sacramento, etc), but others can also join.  Please join Bay Area Friends on Meetup and check the Discussions page for more information on how to join.


Colorado H Friends


All CT H Friends Yahoo Group

Manchester HELP – (860) 666-0075 (Susan) or 860-810-6617 (Jenny) or Email: hsv2secret (at)


Delaware Friends Yahoo Group


Southesast Florida H Social Club Yahoo Group

Northern Florida H Friends Yahoo Group

Orlando H2O Social Group and Orlando HELP Support Group


Palm Beach – Broward H Club

Sarasota-Bradenton H ClubSouth West Florida H Support 

Tampa Bay H Club Yahoo Group

Jax-437737 Yahoo Group – Jacksonville

People of Color (POC) Southern GA/North FL

Friends on the Beach – St. Petersburg, FL National Event – usually in November or winter months

Florida Friends Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join any other Florida group for more information.


Atlanta H Club

Atlanta H Club Yahoo Group

People of Color Atlanta (POCAtlanta) Yahoo Group

People of Color (POC) Southern GA/North FL


Please let us know if you have a group there.


Please let us know if you have a group there.


Chicago – “H” Social Group on Meetup

Chicago HELP Support Group


Central Illinois Prairie Friends Yahoo Group

Illinois H Friends Yahoo Group

People of Color Chicago (POC Chicago) Yahoo Group

Chicago Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join any other Chicago H group for more info.


Indianapolis HELP Support Group

People of Color (POC) Ohio/Indy

Indianapolis National Event – Indylicious

Indiana Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join any Indiana group for more info.


Polk County Health Department offers a free Herpes support group that meets once a month. Every 4th Tuesday of the month 6-7pm at 1907 Carpenter Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50314, For information call 515-286-3741



Louisville H Friends Yahoo Group

Louisville Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join Louisville H Friends for more info.


People of Color (POC) New Orleans

Friends on da Bayou – HSV and HPV Support for New Orleans and Louisiana


Please let us know if you have a group there.


DC-H2O Social Group

HELP of Washington (DC) Support Group

People of Color (POC) DC METRO Community

Only the Gifted Meetup Group


Boston HELP Herpes Support Group

Beantown Friends Yahoo Group


Capitol City Friends – Lansing

Detroit – Metro Detroit Help

Motor City Friends Yahoo Group

Motor City Friends on Meetup

Motor City Friends Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join the Motor City Friends Yahoo Group for more info.

People of Color – Michigan

West Michigan H Friends on Meetup

West Michigan Friends Yahoo Group

Rochester HELP

Washtenaw County HELP (@ Ann Arbor)


Twin Cities H Social Meetup Group

Twin Cities Lesbians with Herpes Yahoo Group

Family Planning and STD Hotline:


Please let us know if you have a group there.


Kansas City – Please let us know if you have a group there.

Ozarks HELP Support Group

People of Color (POC) Social Networking Missouri


Please let us know if you have a group there.


Omaha-CB H Friends on Meetup


Las Vegas Friends

Northern Nevada Friends

New Hampshire

Please let us know if you have a group there.

New Jersey

H2O New Jersy Yahoo Group

New Mexico

Southern New Mexico and El Paso H Community on Meetup

New York

Herpes New York Yahoo Group

Herpes New York Secret Facebook Group – email herpny (at) yahoo dotcom

Herpes Information New York

People of Color New York

Buffalo and Western New York H Friends

Upstate NY Friends Yahoo Group

Hudson Valley Friends Yahoo Group

North Carolina

North Carolina H Yahoo Group

Raleigh Triangle H Club Herpes Meetup Group

People of Color – North Carolina

Carolina H Club

Upstate SC and Western NC H Group

North Dakota

Please let us know if you have a group there.


Cleveland – See Ohio Friends

Cincinnati HELP


Herpes in Ohio Yahoo Group

Living With HSV in the 419 – Toledo

Ohio Friends

People of Color (POC) Ohio/Indy

Ohio Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join any Ohio group for more info


Oklahoma H Club

Oklahoma Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join Oklahoma H Club for more info.


Central Oregon H Club Yahoo Group

Portland Area Friends – All Ages

PDX Friends (secret Facebook group) – Send a friend request to After you are added to the group, PDX Superfriend will unfriend you in order to maintain your privacy.


Philadelphia Friends

Pittsburgh United Friends

Northeastern Pennsylvania Friends (NEPA Friends)

Rhode Island

Please let us know if you have a group there.

South Carolina

South Carolina H Friends Yahoo Group

People of Color South Carolina (POC SC)

Carolina H Club

Upstate SC and Western NC H Group

South Dakota

Please let us know if you have a group there.


Memphis H Friends Yahoo Group

People of Color (POC) West Tennessee

Tennessee Secret Facebook Group – contact info TBA


Friends Over Texas Annual Event in May

Austin H Friends on Meetup

Austin Friends Yahoo Group

Austin HELP Support Group

DFW Friends

Houston Friends

Houston H Friends on Meetup

Houston HELP Support Group

San Antonio Friends Yahoo Group

Clear Lake and Galveston County H Friends Meetup Group

Clear Lake Texas Friends Yahoo Group

Clear Lake Texas Friends Public Website

Clear Lake 4377 Support Group

People of Color (POC) Texas

East Texas Friends on Meetup

Texas Secret Facebook Groups – for local residents only – join any local Texas group for more info.


Please let us know if you have a group there.


Vermont Friends

Vermont Secret Facebook Group – for local residents only – join Vermont Friends for more info.


Virginia H Friends Yahoo Group



Washington State

Seattle H Scene Yahoo Group

Seattle H Scene Public Website (no sign in required)

Seattle H Scene Secret Facebook Group – join SeattleHScene Yahoo Group for more info.

Capital Area Friends Yahoo Group (Olympia/Tacoma)

IEHSVSingles Yahoo Group – Eastern Washington, Inland Empire, and Spokane Washington

Washington D.C.

DC-H2O Social Group

HELP of Washington (DC) Support Group

People of Color (POC) DC METRO Community

West Virginia

Please let us know if you have a group there.


S-W-A-G Herpes Yahoo Group for Madison and Milwaukee, WI


Please let us know if you have a group there.



Living Sphere –

Herpes Hangout -


Canadians with Herpes Yahoo Group

Toronto Herpes

Vancouver H Friends on Meetup

Vancouver H Friends Yahoo Group

Vancouver HELP Support Group

West Coast Frenz National Event – Every August in the Pacific Northwest

Forest City Friends (London, Ontario)




H-YPE – HSV/HPV Dating and Community site.  The dating side of H-YPE is not free –  but the access to support is free as “standard/free” members can post their questions in the forum and get the answers from many the H-YPE advisors and current members.


If you know of a group that is not listed above and should be, please email us the information at:

datingwithherpes @ gmail dot com

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    Thanks, we will update your link! DWH

    03/01/2014 at 11:38 am
  • Wit Thomas says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that has changed names and our website to: If you could update that for us, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    02/28/2014 at 10:16 pm
  • admin says:

    We have not heard about any herpes social or support groups in Puerto Rico, but they may exist. To start a new group, you may want to create a Yahoo Group, and then post a group listing on Craigslist and see what kind of response you get. Good luck.

    10/09/2012 at 11:33 am
  • jay says:

    Is there a group in San Juan Puerta Rico, if not how do i start one..

    10/07/2012 at 8:44 pm
  • Emily says:

    Thank you!

    04/08/2012 at 5:58 am
  • admin says:

    We don’t have any local statistics for herpes in Bay County, Michigan, but nationwide statistics estimate that over 60% of adults in the US have HSV1 and about 20% of adults in the US have HSV2. Most people who have herpes (90%) don’t even know it.

    Here’s a link to a collaborative study on the prevalence of genital herpes from 2 research scientists/doctors, one at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the other at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Genital Herpes: Prevalence, Transmission, and Prevention (Medscape)

    For listing and links to local Michigan resources for people who have or think they may have genital herpes go to:

    02/01/2012 at 2:08 pm
  • Tayler says:

    How Common Is Herpes In The US And In Bay County Of Michigan.?

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