Herpes Dating Online

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Herpes Dating Sites and Herpes Dating Tips

Below is a list and comparison of several online dating services that are specifically for men and women with genital herpes (and sometimes HPV or other STDs).  This list describes each dating sites’ services, prices, and some pros and cons. Even if you are not yet ready to date again, it can be very comforting and confidence building to see the profiles of the thousands of other single people with herpes who are attractive, nice and normal like everyone else. These sites are listed in NO particular order.  DatingWithHerpes.org does NOT endorse or promote any particular site or service –  we just try to make good  information available to you so you can choose the path that is best  for you.

If you would prefer to meet people with herpes at local and regional herpes social  events in your area, please see our page about Herpes Social Groups.  Most major cities in the US and Canada have active herpes social groups, some with hundreds or thousands of members. Most local Herpes Social Groups are FREE and run by volunteers and regular members are encouraged to organize events.  Also, most local Herpes Social Groups are NOT just for singles, and anyone with herpes can join regardless of their relationship status. Although people often date people they meet at local herpes social events, the main emphasis is on making friendships with other people with Herpes.  If you are primarily interested in finding other people with herpes TO DATE, then join a herpes dating service as well.

Below the first list of Herpes Dating Services is a list of Regular Online Dating Services where many people with herpes also date successfully.   If you need tips for how to talk to potential partners about herpes, go to “Telling Someone” (that you have herpes). Below the first list of Herpes Dating Services is a list of Regular Online Dating Services where many people with herpes also date successfully.   If you need tips for how to talk to potential partners about herpes, go to “Telling Someone” (that you have herpes). Below the first list of Herpes Dating Services is a list of Regular Online Dating Services where many people with herpes also date successfully.   If you need tips for how to talk to potential partners about herpes, go to “Telling Someone” (that you have herpes).

If you do not want to limit yourself just to dating people who already know that they have herpes, then scroll down below for some tips on using Regular Non-Herpes online dating services like Match.com, Eharmony and Craigslist.  If you need tips for how to talk to potential partners about herpes, go to “Telling Someone” (that you have herpes).

Herpes Online Dating Services

Herpes/STD Dating Services Fees** Comments
PositiveSingles.com 1 month for $29.95
3 months for $59.95
6 months for $95.95
PositiveSingles.com (PS) is probably the largest online dating service for people with Herpes and other STDs. It is NOT exclusively for people with herpes. People with HPV, HSV1, HSV2, HIV, Hepatitis, and other STD’s are served in the same searchable profile database, so you can select just to see profiles with HSV1 and/or HSV2. PositiveSingles is one of the most expensive “H” dating services, but a lot of people sign up because there are many more profiles for people with herpes than most other sites. You can sign up for free and later decide if you want to pay to upgrade in order to email or reply to other members.
Please Note: A Class Action Suit was filed against PositiveSingles and their parent company, Successful Match, in January 2012.  For details go to:
Hmates.com Free Trial period
1 month for $6
3 months for $15
6 months for $24
1 year for $36
2 years for $48
For people with Herpes (HSV1, HSV2) and/or HPV only. Members must   post their own profile in order to view other members’ profiles and send emails. Very basic dating site, but one of the least expensive services for what it offers.  Donations and volunteer moderators welcome.
 Hwerks.com  Free standard membership.
1 Month $6
3 Months $18
6 Months $30
12 Months $60
Growing community exclusively for people with Herpes (HSV1, HSV2)  and HPV. In addition to user profiles and dating, it has community features,   groups, blogs, forums, photos, local and national social group and event   listings, etc.. They also host http://www.nationalhclub.com/ which lists herpes social events all over the   US. They are supportive of local H social groups and social events
H-ype.com – UK   based H community H-YPE is an Herpes and HPV dating and community   website that currently has members mainly but not exclusively from the UK (United Kingdom aka England). H-YPE is an acronym for Herpes-Your Positive Experience. It offers herpsters the opportunity to communicate with others   via email, winks, IM (instant messenger), chat rooms and forums. Local events  are also planned.
STAY AWAY from these Positive Singles Private Label Affiliate Sites which often use Deception and Spam to get new members. See list on the right.  For info, see Herpes Scams  STAY AWAY FROM: DatingHerpes.net, HerpesAndDating.net, HerpesAndYouDating.com, HerpesDate.org, HerpesFish.com, HerpesMeet.com, HerpesMingles.com, HerpesPal.com, HerpesPeople.com, Hmeet.com, HSinglesMatch.com, PozLoving.com, Singleherpes.com, STDfish.com, Stdloving.com, STDmatching.com, STDDateline.com. These sites are known to have used deceptive marketing practices and/or spam. For info, see Herpes Scams & Spam
**Fees are as of “last time we checked”   and may not reflect most current prices.

The above list of sites is certainly not a complete listing of Herpes dating sites. There are several online Herpes dating sites that we have not yet been able to check out.  Please feel free to send us your suggestions about other herpes online dating sites or services for us to review.  Hopefully, you won’t try to send us to any Positive Singles Private Label dating sites LOL:)  We hope the list above at least gives you a starting point for finding an online dating service that works for you. Please make sure to check out the ownership, privacy practices, and terms of service for any group before you give them your private information and money.

Non-Herpes Online Dating Services

Many people with herpes  have also had success dating on larger, non-H dating services. When posting personal ads on Non-H dating sites, some people choose to disclose their herpes status up front, while others prefer to wait until a relationship looks like it might become intimate before disclosing their herpes status. Having “the talk” is always easier if you have already established a friendship with a potential partner and feel that you can trust them with sensitive personal information. Click here for tips on telling someone that you have herpes.

When using non-Herpes dating services, some people place the numbers “437737″ in their ads or in their searches to find others with Herpes. “437737″ are the numbers on your telephone keypad that correspond with the letters in “HERPES”. It’s sort of a secret code that some people use. Of course, other singles just come out and say “Herpes” or “HSV+”, “HSV-1″ or “HSV-2″ in their ads. Still others choose not to disclose their herpes status to someone else until they think that the relationship might become intimate. It’s really up to you to decide what feels right for you.

Non-Herpes Dating Services Fees* Comments
Match.com 1 month $34.99/mo
3 months $19.99/mo
6 months $16.99/mo
Large, popular online dating service. Dr. Phil is their relationship coach.
PlentyOfFish.com Free Basic Membership.Paid (upgraded) membership plans for $6.78-$11.80/month depending on length of contract. Large, popular online dating service, which was once totally free. They are now offering “upgraded” paid membership plans with expanded features.   The company is based in Canada.
Eharmony.com* 1 month $59.95/mo
3 months $36.95/mo
6 months $28/95/mo
1 year $20.95/mo
Has a “Compatibility Matching System” and seems to be more for people looking for long-term relationships and marriage rather than casual dating.
*See Disclosures.
Craigslist FREE Free to post personal ads via classifieds. However, once you email someone they will have your email address. For privacy/security, create an email address that does not include your real name or company.
Lavalife.com 1 month $29.99/mo
3 months $56.99
Free to post profile, search and see pictures, free to send smiles and reply to Messages. Must join to send someone a message.
Chemistry.com 7-day Free Trial
1 month $49.95/mo
3 months $33.32/mo
6 months $26.65/mo
New dating service similar to eHarmony, from the same people as Match.com. Open to a wider variety of lifestyles and relationship types.
*Fees are as of “last time we checked” and may not reflect most current prices.

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